Social media and the power of attention

We live in the era of the Digital Revolution, where the methods of communication between people have changed beyond recognition. Within only 20 years, digital technologies have completely transformed social systems and communications. They have formed other models of behaviour, provided us with new opportunities, made us geographically independent, and given us access to the ocean of information that humanity has accumulated.

There are no longer any borders; nowadays, people can live in Germany and study or work in Britain or France. Through social networks, we can build global communities, meet and co-operate…

Ruining the planet’s health.

Since the Industrial Revolution, the impact of humans on the planet has become so active that we are seeing serious consequences of it today. Many scientists have openly started talking about the beginning of a new geological epoch — the Anthropocene Epoch. Once an intelligent inhabitant of the planet, man has gradually become the cause of geophysical and biological changes on a global scale. …

1 / The opportunity to learn from the Best of the Best.

Janus Academy is a brilliant teaching staff: about 200 leading Russian and Western scientists, philosophers, researchers, innovators, artists, composers, architects, theater and film directors, writers, etc.

2 / “Education without distance.”

Janus Academy is a Live Education. There is knowledge and experience that cannot be conveyed in any form other than orally. Michael Polanyi called this knowledge “personal” (or “tacit”), and Per Schlingmann and his co–author Kjell A. Nordström called it “wild.” This knowledge is transmitted through direct contact; it can neither be recorded nor, moreover, digitized. …

GAIIA by Hares Youssef

Philosophy has long ceased to be a way of being and has become a field of research, a detached analysis, a “philosophical speech”, or merely a subject of conversation. It no longer considers fundamental principles, nor does it deal with the conversion of thought into reality, the formation of the mind and the soul, or a person’s inner transformation. It has lost its influence on the world. Philosophy no longer generates ideas capable of changing the course of history. Today, many people talk about philosophy, study philosophy, and even teach philosophy, without having a philosophy of their own.

It is…

What is a “Universal Man”? How has the concept of Homo Universalis, the archetypal expression of which was Leonardo da Vinci, changed today in the era of the Digital Revolution? Who do we call “universal” these days? I want to answer that the Universal Man is the one who has mastered and comprehended all the heritage of human thought. But such a definition would be wrong. …

We are afraid that robots will soon replace us in the workplace and all processes will be automated. It means that millions of people around the world may be out of work. According to economists Michael Osborne and Carl Frey, 47% of our jobs will disappear in 2033. In China, the situation is even more sad — according to the World Bank, 77% of jobs may disappear there. The forecast of the McKinsey analytical company is also not encouraging: if Europeans do not want to become victims of unemployment, they will have to say goodbye to the usual “one life…

Three types of Beauty

Wanting to get closer to the essence of Beauty, we preferred to avoid the expected appeal to the Dialogues of Plato. We paid all our attention to the mysterious essay by a Russian philosopher and poet Eugene Golovin called “A New Understanding of Beauty.” In this essay, the author compares two poems by Charles Baudelaire, which we will quote here and compare them.

The first poem is known as “Beauty.”

La Beauté

Je suis belle, ô mortels ! comme un rêve de pierre,
Et mon sein, où chacun s’est meurtri tour à tour,
Est fait pour inspirer au…

Georgy Kurasov. The Battle of Amazon and Centaurs


In the book “The Mythological unconscious,” Michael Vannoy Adams talks about Sigmund Freud’s plans to establish a psychoanalytic College, which, in addition to medicine, biology, and deep psychology, should have included courses in psychology of religion, mythology, the history of civilizations, and literary studies. As you know, most of the current psychoanalytic institutions (with the possible exception of Jungian ones) do not pay due attention to mythology, as a result of which modern psychotherapists have the superficial knowledge of Greek, Roman, Egyptian, etc. mythologies and are unable to recognize mythologems in the clinical material of their patients. Michael…



We live in the Digital Revolution era when the ways of communication between people have changed beyond recognition. In just 20 years, digital technologies have completely transformed social and communication systems: they have created new patterns of behavior, provided us with new opportunities, made us geographically independent, and opened up access to the ocean of information accumulated by humanity.

There are no borders anymore: today, we can live in Germany, study and work in the UK or France; thanks to social networks, we can create global communities, meet and collaborate with people living on other continents…

Kirill Boldyrev’s interview With Natella Speranskaya, a philosopher and founder of the Janus Academy project.

— You often write about the crisis of the modern educational system, about the need to return to the roots (in particular, to revive the idea of Paideia, Socratic maieutics, and dialogue). In other words, Your criticism relates to the Western model of education. What can you say about education in the East, and what, in your opinion, are the significant differences between these systems?

— I will allow myself to refer to the book “Cultural Foundations of Learning: East and West” by Jin Li…

Natella Speranskaya

Russian philosopher, cultural scientist, a specialist in Antiquity, curator of Janus Academy.

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